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  1. This site contained in the other two out to spread the useful information for the purpose of public information, authenticity does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the contents of any form of guarantee, we do not its scientific nature, seriousness. Like other media, Internet or download from the personal use shall own the copyright and other legal obligations.

  2. This site where indicate "the origin:  Leadtop Logistics Limited. " all text, pictures and audio and video releases are the site of original content, copyright is the leading best logistics Co., Ltd. all any media, website or personal reprint, link or copy: must indicate "the manuscript origin in other ways: www.leadtop.com.hk", and offenders this network will be prosecuted according to law.

  3. All the websites of all articles, pictures, audio video file data copyright people all copyright, this station used than the original articles and pictures and other content to one one and copyright contact, if the author and editor of the network selected content that the work should not be on the Internet for your visit, or should not be free to use, please promptly inform us by email or telephone, to quickly take appropriate measures to avoid unnecessary economic losses to both sides.
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