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In the entire logistics process, Leadtop brought better Logistics that provide customers with a one-stop service from receiving clearance to delivery: including delivery notification, notice, settlement processing, import and export files and Declaration of customs, etc. The steps in each of the logistics and the expertise and experience can ensure your shipment of goods in our one stop services networks can quickly reach their destination safely.

Leadtop also establishes a long-term partnership with different shipping companies and freight forwarding companies, including Maersk, MSC, Evergreen, Yangming Marine, etc. to ensure we can provide professional international freight forwarding services to the old and new customers.

We provide individual follow-up and monitoring service which is tailor-made for client with greater efficiency.

In an increasingly complex business environment, often requires a special type of cargo handling and transport arrangements. Whether or not the shipment is dangerous goods, valuables, large goods, furniture, or other goods that require special handling, our experienced staff can provide more appropriate to the category of goods delivery services.

Leadtop Logistics keeps seeking the support of various partners, in order to enable customers to enjoy the excellent economic efficiency and maximize the efficiency of the price.

So for the purpose of obtaining competitive prices, welcome to query us and you will be pleasantly surprised to find that we offer a cost effective price.

Each charge details would be set out in the quotation. Meanwhile, clear delivery record and service record for verification of service usage could also be provided. If the warehousing date is less than a month, warehousing fees can be calculated in proportion.

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